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Valued materials for all life on earth

Valued materials for all life on earth

We are mainly researching and developing things that are useful not only for humans but also for the environment and other living things, rather than nature.
Based on this philosophy, the company name of Sakamoto Bio was born by combining the surname of the founder with the biotechnology "Bio".

Founder Philosophy

Find useful things from nature and contribute to society and the environment

Based on this philosophy, Sakamoto Bio is engaged in business day and night.

  • Efforts are made to independently verify efficacy and safety and analyze academic reports, and engage in research and development of health foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • We will cooperate in the development of science by making efforts for contracted experiments, joint research, and development of research reagents.
  • Don't forget to thank nature and cooperate in maintaining the environment.

Company Profile

  • Company name

    Sakamoto Bio Co., Ltd.

  • location

    32-8 Terazawa, Yuwaarawa, Akita City, Akita

    • TEL +81-18-887-2002
    • FAX +81-18-887-2098
  • Founding date

    June 16, 1998

  • CEO

    Takahiro Goto

  • Capital


  • Closing date

    March 31

  • Banks

    Akita Bank Hokuto Bank Japan Post Bank Mizuho Bank


  • June 1995

    Started as a private business in Minase Village, Akita Prefecture

  • May 1997

    Moved to Yuwamemeki District, Akita City (formerly Yuwa Town, Akita Prefecture)

  • June 1998

    Established Sakamoto Bio Farm Co., Ltd.

  • October 1998

    Started development and supply of material, antler reishi.

  • March 2000

    Changed company name to "Sakamoto Bio" and converted it into a joint-stock company

  • February 2002

    Started development and supply of food material, Yamabushitake

  • December 2005

    Started supply of food material dikbertin (Siberian deciduous pine extract)

  • December 2005

    Developed and started supply of cosmetic material antler Reishi extract GANO

  • July 2011

    Developed and started build-to-order manufacturing of cosmetic material Siberia Grace

  • September 2012

    Concluded a capital and business alliance with JTS Co., Ltd.

  • February 2013

    Started manufacturing and supplying lupeol solution for veterinary lupeol study group

  • May 2015

    Developed and started build-to-order manufacturing of cosmetic raw material Ergo-13

  • June 2016

    Started developing and supplying akebi peel powder from Akita prefecture, which is a food material.

  • February 2017

    Started development and supply of purely domestic Akebi oil

  • September 2018

    Moved to Yuwaarawa district, Akita city

  • May 2019

    Developed and started production of Ranman lees extract, a material for cosmetics


New internal regulations regarding proper management of public research funds have been established.

Until now, we have often been indebted to the support provided by public research funds for research and development such as joint research with teachers of public research institutes.We have always tried to use it properly, but on February 15, 2007, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology formulated "Guidelines for Management and Audit of Public Research Funds in Research Institutions (Implementation Standards)". Taking this opportunity, we have newly established internal regulations regarding the proper management of public research funds, and have established a system for more reliable proper use and management. We would like to report here.

The representative director shall be in charge of the overall responsibility of the entire company and the ultimate responsibility for the operation and management of public research funds such as competitive funds (hereinafter referred to as the "chief management officer"). We will take leadership in fraud prevention. In addition, as a person who assists the chief management officer and has substantial responsibility and authority to supervise the entire company regarding the operation and management of public research funds such as competitive funds (hereinafter referred to as "general manager"). The director in charge of accounting shall be in charge of this.

Regarding inquiries from inside and outside the company regarding the use of public research funds received by our company, general administrative matters shall be accepted by the general manager.The Chief Executive Officer will directly accept other important matters, so we will inform you at the same time.

November 14, 2007

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Sakamoto Bio Co., Ltd.
Sakamoto Bio Co., Ltd.


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